Update 6 months after …February , 2018

Update -February 2018; 6 months after the launch of Silver Linings



On 22nd December 2017, we took a cheque for $10,000 to Community Support Frankston, (CSF),honouring the promise made at the book launch, that the profits from book sales and donations will be given to CSF.  You contributed to this $10,000 either by purchasing a book/s and or by your donations to the charity.

It was a humbling experience witnessing the raw need of those from our community. I would like to share with you the story of a man who arrived in search of food to feed his family. He had the choice between selecting a bag of 4 bread rolls or a loaf of bread. He chose the loaf. I politely and respectfully inquired as to why he chose the loaf of bread to which he replied, “Well, there are more serves in a loaf”. The very basics of life that I am sure many of us never think about.

I could barely hold back tears as I thanked him for his honesty and wished I had more funds to donate…

Today, I would like to humbly ask for your help in continuing this task, to assist the financially underprivileged in our community, the success of which we all share. 100% of the profits of the book sales are donated to the Silver Linings Charitable Trust. The work of the charity is pro bono and 100% of all donations is distributed to the needy.

If you already bought the book/s and enjoyed the read, please recommend them to your friends/family. If not, perhaps you too would consider a purchase of a book/s?

Books for Business purposes is tax deductible.

No amount is too small if donated to the Charity and attracts a tax rebate.

Please visit www.silverliningscharitabletrust.com.au to purchase the book or to make a donation

With Warmest wishes,


Dr Mrin Nayagam


Founding Director

Silver Linings Charitable Trust