About the Book

SILVER LININGS-True Stories of resilience from a General Practice

In Silver Linings, Dr Mrin Nayagam takes us on a journey with some of her patients, drawing from her nearly 25 years work as a family doctor at the  in Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia. She writes about patients who overcame the odds in the face of a serious medical diagnosis or an emotional or traumatic event. Among these pages you will meet people from all walks of life. Young Kate, diagnosed with cancer at only seven-months, and now in full remission at nearly 10 years of age. Rob, an avid cyclist, bed-bound as a quadriplegic after a horrific accident, who now walks again. And Linda, weighing 115 kilograms and suicidal, finding the strength to lose weight and overcome depression. Documenting her patients’ courage and determination made it possible not only to validate the strength of the individual patients and their families, but to inspire and empower readers all over the world too. In addition to those in the medical and allied health professions, since all medical terminology is clearly explained  this book an easy read for lay readers too. All profits from this book are being diverted to the Silver Linings Charitable Trust, which supports financially disadvantaged members of the Frankston community.