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“Dear Mrin, I already knew of this wonderful book from when I was a patient so it was very exciting to finally hold it in my hands! I ended up reading it in two days, and it was such a powerful testament to love and family, the strength of the human spirit. What really impressed me the most was doctor-patient relationships that came across so beautifully in each story. Congratulations on this terrific book, what a marvellous achievement.”

Samantha Wood- Author
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“Mrin, I recently read your book after hearing you speak at an AMA meeting. I thought it was great. I would recommend it especially for people who might be considering General Practice, so they can appreciate the challenges and the joys that come with the speciality. Well Done!”

Dr Courtney Gardner
General Practitioner/Geelong, Victoria

“I just want you to know that I love your book. When I am reading it, I feel like I’m there with those people and can feel their emotions clearly. It’s fabulous and it also gives me a good understanding of the various illnesses but with a very human approach. I love the way you have made these incidents into proper stories and the people so real. You have a gift and are definitely a very talented writer. Thank you so much for sharing”

Lorraine Rogers. Sussex U.K.

Silver Linings Is written by Dr Mrin Nayagam with empathy and wisdom. Its stories show the individual burdens that humans have to endure and ultimately conquer. Many of the readers will be able to relate their own struggles with illness and disability. Through these journeys can feel confident that we have the true support and boundless knowledge of our GP’s
Thank you, Dr Mrin Nayagam for your comfort and wise words during my own journey over the years.


Congratulations again on your book launch! I finished reading your book last weekend. Every story was a heartfelt one, and oh my goodness, I couldn’t keep reading it without tissue box besides me! We all go through ups and downs, and these people have been through so much through their sickness, but they all somehow find their happiness, glimpse of hopes and courage to get through it, the light side of the tunnel. I wept so much. We never know what struggles people have been through behind their smiles, don’t we.?

Life is very individual and lots of ups and downs regardless small or big. Your patients’ stories definitely gave me some courage and I felt very compassionate to all those people. However, the most importantly I admire you so much for your purpose of publishing the book!! I’m hoping maybe you would consider writing silver linings 2!!


Mrin Nayagam is my GP and I have had the privilege of seeing her go from just the idea about the book to writing it, having it published, and launching it. So fabulous. What an inspirational woman.

Sarah Martin

Congratulations Mrin. Thank you. Looking forward to reading your book.

Shamala Jones

Highly recommended

Arlene Pererdo

Congratulations again on a brilliant launch and wonderful book. Still had my mum in tears.

Steve Phillips – Manager | Community Support Frankston

I was very pleased to attend the launch of your book ‘Silver Linings’ and I wish you much success in the money raised and the lives helped.
I admire your work greatly.

Kind regards.

Cr Steve Toms – Frankston City Deputy Mayor

Thank-you for hosting such a terrific event Dr Nayagam. It was a great occasion, and very well attended. Have a great day and congratulations.

Sam Davies – Mornington Foot Clinic

It was a great day. Your family must be very proud.

Rob Morgan

It is an interesting and easy book to read. Mrin, you did a wonderful job writing. Bravo!!

Rita Mestdagh

Well Done on a really professional event. (book launch) I started to read the book this morning. Fingers crossed for lots of sales.

Claire Harrison – Senior Lecturer/Department of General Practice – Monash University

I very much enjoy the way Mrin write, it keeps me engaged and interested. I feel the warmth and caring of her within the stories and this is what makes then individual and ‘magical’. From my perspective, I feel these stories are written from the heart.

Tina Dorrington-Brighton – Sussex, UK

Thank you Mrin Nayagam for writing this passionate and beautiful book… thank you for embracing and sharing Harry’s journey. l encourage my friends and colleagues to purchase a copy to support this wonderful cause and to understand how these difficult times in our lives can be so challenging … However, we get to see the compassion and empathy of others in full flight ? thank you for the privilege to be a part of this xxoo

Gail – Harry’s Mother