Mrin’s Radio Interview Podcast information

Podcast Information:
"Dr Mrin Nayagam’s Radio interview about SILVER LININGS True stories of
resilience from a General Practice with Muriel Cooper
on 18th October 2017
Mrin was a guest on Muriel Cooper’s radio show here at RPP FM 98.7 and 98.3 The podcast is now ready to listen to on our website"


To Listen–>Go onto the ‘home page’, (, click’ podcasts’ on the black menu at top of page and scroll down..>to ‘Muriel Cooper’ , click on ‘View Podcasts & Articles then scroll to date as above.
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Over 1000 books sold in the 2 months since the launch
All profits from book sales are for charity which has a zero % Administration fee and aims to assist the financially disadvantaged in the Frankston/Mornington Communities

Available - AUSTRALIA Website( free postage across the country
Victoria -All Robinsons Bookshops in the major shopping centres.; Readings Bookstore located in Lygon Street,Melbourne
Mornington Peninsula-Robinson's Bookshop (Frankston); Farrell's Bookshop(Mornington); Petersen's Bookshop (Hastings); New-agency -Mount Eliza, Bendigo Bank(Mount Eliza)

$10,000 donated to Community Support Frankston on 22nd December 2017

Keeping a promise made at the launch of Silver Linings-True stories of resilience from a General Practice- on the 5th August 2017, all profits from the sales of this book were donated to the Silver Linings Charitable Trust.
The Silver Linings Charitable Trust donated $10,000.00 to Community Support Frankston (CSF) on 22/12/2017.
All the funds donated will be  used to assist the financially disadvantaged of Frankston and surrounds (in Victoria, Australia) have food to sustain their families at Christmas time.
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?Thank you to all my patients, family and friends, Romy Nayagam , David Nayagam, Bryony Nayagam, Prakash Nayagam who have supported my endeavors to publish Silver Linings-True stories of resilience from a General Practice and donating to the Silver Linings Charitable Trust(Zero %Admin fee, fully tax rebatable ). Our combined efforts have resulted in this donation to Community Support Frankston. Looking forward to your continued support in 2018.

Please visit the website to donate /purchase the book (Tax Invoices available for business purchases of books)

All donations over $2.00 are Tax rebatable

This Charity has NO Admin Fee(0 % )

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Peaceful 2018!

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Frankston Community Appeal

An amazing $10,000 donation from the Silver Linings Charitable Trust presented by the trusts directors Dr Mrin and Dr Prakash Nayagam at Community Support Frankston. CSF, through the Frankston Community Appeal will use 100% of this donation to assist the financially disadvantaged in our community. Photo Shows the treasurer of CSF, Terry Mackay  accepting the check.

Update 6 months after …February , 2018

Update -February 2018; 6 months after the launch of Silver Linings



On 22nd December 2017, we took a cheque for $10,000 to Community Support Frankston, (CSF),honouring the promise made at the book launch, that the profits from book sales and donations will be given to CSF.  You contributed to this $10,000 either by purchasing a book/s and or by your donations to the charity.

It was a humbling experience witnessing the raw need of those from our community. I would like to share with you the story of a man who arrived in search of food to feed his family. He had the choice between selecting a bag of 4 bread rolls or a loaf of bread. He chose the loaf. I politely and respectfully inquired as to why he chose the loaf of bread to which he replied, “Well, there are more serves in a loaf”. The very basics of life that I am sure many of us never think about.

I could barely hold back tears as I thanked him for his honesty and wished I had more funds to donate…

Today, I would like to humbly ask for your help in continuing this task, to assist the financially underprivileged in our community, the success of which we all share. 100% of the profits of the book sales are donated to the Silver Linings Charitable Trust. The work of the charity is pro bono and 100% of all donations is distributed to the needy.

If you already bought the book/s and enjoyed the read, please recommend them to your friends/family. If not, perhaps you too would consider a purchase of a book/s?

Books for Business purposes is tax deductible.

No amount is too small if donated to the Charity and attracts a tax rebate.

Please visit to purchase the book or to make a donation

With Warmest wishes,


Dr Mrin Nayagam


Founding Director

Silver Linings Charitable Trust

Silver Linings- True stories of resilience from a General Practice -Chosen as the award for excelling students.

Hello everyone,

On 06/12/2017, 3 students received awards at the Annual Awards Night of the Department of General Practice, of Monash University.

Julian Nithianandan ( Eastern Victoria GP Training Prize) 

Sarthak Tandon( Belinda Farrell Community Medicine Prize).

Charlotte O’Leary, the Neil Carson Award winner was overseas at the time.

Photo shows Julian and Sarthak each carrying a copy of my book -(Silver Linings True stories of resilience from a General Practice ) which was one of two books awarded as prizes to each award winner.

I am deeply humbled that my book was chosen for the awards, and that it has been included in the recommended reading list from 2018, by the Monash University’s Department of General Practice.

Thank you Department of General Practice, Monash University, for this honour.  ?

All profits of from the sales from my book, SILVER LININGS-True stories of resilience from a General Practice, are for charity to assist the poor of Frankston and surrounds have better quality meals especially at Christmas and all year round if funds permit. Please visit < >and buy a copy ( Free postage) or to simply make a (fully tax rebatable) small donation.  There is no admin fee for this charity(Silver Linings Charitable Trust)

Photos reproduced with permission. Thank you.

Great News! There are several locations across Melbourne to purchase Silver Linings

Great News!

SILVER LININGS - True stories of resilience from a General Practice is now available.

From this website (postage free across Australia)
AMAZON– USA and Canada only

From the following outlets:


Readings Bookshop- Lygon Street, Carlton, Melbourne

Robinson’s Bookshops -located in all the major shopping centres across Melbourne

Mornington Peninsula

Robinson’s Bookshop- Frankston

Farrell’s Bookshop- Mornington

Petersen’s Bookshop- Hastings

The News-agency and the Bendigo Bank Mount Eliza

Elm Consulting Rooms- Beleura Private Hospital

Village Clinic -Mount Eliza.

McCrae -Village Clinic

Thank you for your support

All profits from book sales are for charity

More Photos from Book Launch Day-5th August 2017

Busy inscribing books

A hug from Bry

With Dr Anna Kuchminska my first GP friend in Australai

Flowers and hugs from my lovely grandchildren

An epitome of patience

With Dr Lara Roeske

With Clinical Professor Leanne Rowe AM, who launched by Book

With friends and helpers on the day-Rita,Andrea and Karen

With Dr Karen Price

With Betty,friends since arrival in Australia

With Dr Cecilia Pousette

Jeff and Betty, David and Anna, with Prakash and myself

With Jane, Michelle and Sandy

With Julie and Prof Richard Williams

With Mari

With Nyka

With Kylie,Jennifer, Kathy, Elizabeth and Cynthia

With David and Romy

With Wendy,Linda and Karina

With Prakash-and the original photograph of the cover of the book-Shelly Beach Pier, Mornington Peninsula- By

With Leanne Rowe and Cecilia Pousette


Hello – Here is a Snapshot of the Book Launch

Hello and welcome to the website's news page of Silver Linings - True Stories of Resilience from a General Practice.

Launch Details:

By - Clinical Professor Leanne Rowe AM,
On - Saturday 5th August 2017,
At - the Frankston Arts Centre (FAC).
200+ people present at the Cube 37 of the FAC which therefore was filled to capacity.


Introduction - Steve Philips (Manager of Community Support Frankston)
Author Introduction - Dr Larissa Roeske
Author Speech - Dr Mrin Nayagam
Launch - Clinical Professor Leanne Rowe
Call to action - Dr David Nayagam
The master of ceremonies - Dr Prakash Nayagam
Photography - Romy Nayagam

Clinical Professor Leanne Rowe AM, launched Dr Mrin Nayagam’s book – Silver Linings True stories of Resilience from a General Practice on Saturday, 5th August 2017. Almost 200 people packed into the Cube 37 of the Frankston Arts Centre, with words such as “The best book launch I have ever seen”, “This was an amazing book launch”, “Everything worked like clockwork”, “The speeches were wonderful”,” Truly an amazing effort” resounding across the hall.The resilience shown by the patients is inspirational


Steve Philips, the Manager of Community Support Frankston spoke first of all, and outlined the work done by the Charity, which helps the destitute and financially disadvantaged of the Frankston and surrounding areas. Furthermore, he acknowledged the support by Dr Mrin Nayagam and her team at the Village Clinic in donations to the 15 Tubs Full Appeal initiated by Dr Mrin Nayagam and carried out with able support from all at the Village Clinic.

Dr Lara Roeske, the current Deputy Chair of the RACGP/Victoria Faculty, introduced the author, Dr Mrin Nayagam. She described Mrin’s long-term commitment to General Practice, education and patient care and quoted the well-known German Philosopher /writer and poet, Goethe – “I have possessed that heart, that noble soul, in whose presence I seemed to be more than I really was because I was all that I could be.”- Goethe.

Author’s speech

Dr Mrin Nayagam while thanking Dr Roeske, went on to quote from Emily Dickinson.

Emily Dickinson 1830-1886
Part One: Life
If I can stop one heart from breaking
I shall not live in vain
If I can ease one Life the Aching,
Or cool one Pain
Or help one fainting Robin
Unto his Nest again,
I shall not live in Vain.

She concluded that this poem explained her motives better than any words and spoke of the role her parents played in her growth and development, her desire to be a writer and assist people in need. This book is therefore a testament to her fulfilling her dreams of being an author, as well as helping those financially disadvantaged in our society.

Clinical Professor Leanne Rowe launched the book.
She commented that it was a celebration of General Practice and the precious relationship between doctor and patient, especially so during the times of trauma and emotional and physical hardship. Finally, she emphasised the important role the GP plays in the life of the patient with complex medical problems.

Dr. David Nayagam gave the call to action.
He asked everyone present to contribute to the cause by purchasing book/s. As a result, an unprecedented number of books changed hands. Thanks to the support from the staff of the Village Clinic and the Elm Consulting Rooms.

Dr. Prakash Nayagam acted as The Master of Ceremonies.
He kept the event running smoothly and consequently it concluded on time, giving everyone the opportunity to meet and greet old friends and get books signed by the author.

Romy Nayagam took the photographs of the event.


Professional colleagues, work colleagues, Clinic staff, former registrars and close friends, family, all turned up to support the launch of this book, with many coming from interstate. In addition, friends and neighbours gave boundless support and served refreshments. Close friends from the start of her journey in Australia came from country Victoria to be with her.
Seeing her beloved grandchildren hovering around Mrin gave much joy to the onlookers.

Most of all, the patients young and old whose stories are in the book came to support this launch. The presentations to the speakers were made by four patients, whose identities are revealed in the book. They are all an inspiration to us.


A selection of photos from the launch. More will follow.

Mrin with some of the patients features in the book and their families

Call to action -Dr David Nayagam

Dr Lara Roeske introduces the author

Clinical Professor Leanne Rowe AM, launches the Book-Silver Linings-True stories of resilience from a General Practice

Harry(A fourteen year old’s bravery) presents to Clinical Professor Rowe

The three presenters looking on…..

Mrin with Steve Philips, Manager of Community Support, Frnkston

Kate(Cancer in Infancy) presents to Clinical Professor Leanne Rowe

MC-Dr Prakash Nayagam

Mrin With Dr Lara Roeske

Steve Philips explaining the need for financial support for the work of Community Support, Frankston

Mrin with Clinical Professor Leanne Rowe.

Bailey (aftermath of head injuries) presents to Tracy O Shaunessey of the Bowen Street Press/RMIT University.

Mrin with Norma (A pounding heart and a will to live)

Mrin and Dr Karen Price